Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blog #13

Question/Subject: : Write a critical reflection on one of the presentations you have seen this week.

Out of all the presentations I've seen, the one I enjoyed the most was The Hunger Games and the Art of War. I personally love philosophies on war and strategies of that kind, and so it was a treat for me to see somebody give a well thought out presentation on the subject. I thought the 5 commandments of war that Muhar chose to present were interesting and important out of all the ones that could've been picked, so I agree with what he showed us. In fact, I would say that the only part of the presentation that could have used improvement is time management. I wish that he had used his time more wisely so as to properly present all of his points. Time ran short at the end and he was forced to rush through the later commandments and I genuinely would have liked to hear a more in-depth analysis of how they would pertain to the Hunger Games.

When I first saw the movies, the first place my mind went was "what could be done to win? What could possibly be a foolproof way to ensure survival?" These thoughts were followed directly by my own conclusion that I couldn't possibly survive and that I would've probably tried to retrieve a backpack in the beginning of the Games and had a trident shoved into my chest or something like that. This presentation was something that I think everybody always wanted to hear, just how one should go about winning the Hunger Games.

With the exception of the time troubles, I would say that Muhar's presentation was very good and I enjoyed hearing it. The subject was intriguing and the presentation was visually engaging and furthermore, he got the audience to answer some questions and bring us into the presentation and thus made it more involved. The handouts were clear and concise without being too jumbled or confusing, but they also didn't take away from the overall presentation by making what he was saying redundant.