Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hunger Games #10

Question/Subject: Write a reflection on "The Hero's Journey" and how it relates to the Hunger Games.

In the Hunger Games, I'd say that the hero is definitely Katniss, and who would argue? She's the main character and  the focal point of the narrative, with everything being filtered through her stream of consciousness point of view. However, I would propose that Katniss isn't the only one that embarks on the hero's journey throughout the series, which is what makes the entire story so enjoyable. There isn't an underdeveloped character, as they all go through struggles and tribulations that they reader gets to watch them overcome. This adds overall depth to the story, as each character isn't simply a paper cutout that takes up space or fills a redundant purpose.

For example, Peeta begins the story as a meek baker's son, who couldn't even tell a girl that he thought she was beautiful. As the series progresses, he becomes a man, maybe not a stereotypical man, but a man. He comforts Katniss in her times of need and strife,  becoming stronger for all his struggle. He manages to survive the arena not once, but twice, and he survives the torture of the Capital, throwing off their mental brainwashing. The Peeta at the beginning of the books would not have been able to do all this, but the reader witnesses him change dynamically throughout the novels to become a completely different person by the end of the series, someone that Katniss could love and more than just a simple foil to the main character.

Also, I believe one of the biggest journeys undertaken by any character is that of Haymitch, who begins the series as a depressed and lonely drunkard. As he bonds with Katniss and Peeta, Haymitch begins to redefine himself and rediscover what it means to care about others. He becomes an important member of the rebellion and proves himself an able mentor, providing for the tributes in the arena when they needed him most. He makes progress at every turn and becomes an inspirational leader by the end of the series, as it was his wit and cleverness that made the whole rebellion possible, with him helping to orchestrate the rescue of Katniss from the arena to become the Mockingjay.

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