Monday, April 28, 2014

Hunger Games #11

Question/Subject: Do you believe in the End of the World? Why? Why not? Which
scenario is according to you most likely to happen?

To start out, this will be a pretty simple blog, and one that the reader may find unsatisfactory. Or you might really like it. It really depends on who you are. Personally, I do believe in the End of the World, but this is simply because I am of the Christian faith, and this is basically what we work for. This whole business of going to church, talking to others about our faith and spreading the word, is all in preparation for the Rapture and the End Times. I believe in the prophecy of the Bible, specifically the book of Revelation, in which there are multiple prophecies depicting what will occur when the Second Coming of Christ commences and sweeps the faithful up to be with him.

However, unlike most, I don't really tend to read into these things. I'm not preaching doom and gloom, nor will I ever stand on a corner with a sign that says "The End is Near! You Must Repent!". Unless I was doing it ironically... Anyway, my main point is that I believe that the prophecies themselves, in their written forms are very symbolic, so much so that it might even be impossible to know exactly what's going to occur when the End Times commence, so I don't pretend to know anything about what this may entail. I just simply have faith in the idea that what God has said will happen, will happen, and that's that. We, as humans, have no way of predicting this, in my opinion, so there's no point in getting all worked up. Everything in due time. There'll be plenty of time to get in a tizzy when there's Beasts with multiple heads rising form the ground and the Antichrist is ruling us all. That's when you worry. Until then, just do your thing.

Due to these things, I don't really believe that anything catastrophic will occur until these foretold events. I don't think that the world will just suddenly end from a meteor strike, or a random super volcano, because if the entire world's population is decimated, well that sure puts a damper on the whole glorious Rapture thing, am I right? This frees me up from being stricken with conspiracy theory overload or agonizing over whether or not I should join a cult to achieve transcendence, because honestly, I'm feeling pretty good right now in my theory of the Apocalypse.
(Katniss and Christ imagery. See what I did there?)

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